Нistory of the Department "Algebra and geometry"


Department of mathematics organized in September 1963, Its first head within two years was candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences, associate Professor Lev Alekseevich Groza. Initially the Department was small: in 1964 it employed eleven teachers, for the most part they were graduates of physics and mathematics faculty of the Vladimir pedagogical Institute. During the forty years of its existence the Department has undergone significant changes. In 1965 the Department was headed by candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences, associate Professor, B. D. Nikitin, who invested a lot of effort into the development of the Department and its staffing teachers. At this time already clearly formed a collection development policy statement of the Department of young teachers who have graduated from mekhaniko-mathematical faculty of Moscow state University, or postgraduate study at this faculty. The first teacher who came to the Department after graduating the mechanics and mathematics faculty of Moscow University, was the Valikov K. V., (1964), was followed by Vladimir Kuznetsov (1967), S. A. Maksimov(1968), V. Jikov (1968), and after them for twenty years, about three dozen young teachers who have graduated from the mechanics and mathematics of Moscow state University. Actively contributed to the process and to a large extent it was organized by candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences, associate Professor (now Professor) S. A. Maksimov, head of the Department in the period from 1975 to 1981, then took the chair Professor, doctor of physico-mathematical sciences S. G. Tankeev.

After S. G. Tankeev the Department at different times was headed by candidate of physico-mathematical sciences, associate Professor K. V. Valikov, A. I. Zateev, S. A. Maksimov and head of it since 2000 Professor, doctor of physico-mathematical sciences  N.I. Dubrovin. During its existence the Department was listed in the various faculties of the Institute. Currently, the Department is part of IAMPaI.

Teachers who came to the Department after graduate school mekhmat, as a rule, have not had degrees, they defended PhD thesis, and some of them then, and doctoral, as teachers of the Department. During its existence, was protected by more than two dozen master's theses and seven doctoral theses: V. V. Jikov, M. H. Gizatullin, S. G. Tankeev, M. V. Safonov, A. A. Davydov, N. I. Dubrovin, V. I. Danchenko. Most of these teachers continue to work at the Department as a Professor.

Not to mention the untimely departed from us G. V. Beluy (2.02.1951 – 29.01.2001). In 1979, he brilliantly defended his thesis "Inverse problem of Galua extensions cyclotomic fields", and in 1981 was awarded the prize of the Moscow Mathematical Society, awarded to young mathematicians for outstanding scientific achievements. The same prize was awarded to M. V. Safonov received his doctoral thesis fundamental results on gelderovost solutions to nondivergence parabolic equations. . The winner of this award is Professor A. A. Davydov (1986). We emphasize the scientific activities of Professor, doctor of physico-mathematical sciences V. V. Zykova, which began at the Department of mathematics of our University (he now heads the Department of mathematical analysis VlSPU) and was initially devoted to nonlocal problems in the theory of differential and operator equations. Subsequently, V. V. Jikov departed from this theme and touched upon the problems of averaging in the theory of differential equations. Currently, he is unquestionably one of the leading experts in the world on these problems.

The scientific work of the Department of mathematics concentrated around the issues dealt with leading scientists of the Department Professor and doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences S. G. Tankeev (algebraic geometry), A. A. Davydov (nonlinear PDEs), N.I. Dubrovin (theory of non-commutative rings), V. I. Danchenko (the theory of functions of a complex variable, problems of approximation). They are all intensively and successfully working in these fields, and are recognized authorities not only in Russia but also abroad. Evidence serve their numerous international contacts with universities and scientific centers of Europe, America and Asia. The geography of their foreign trips is very extensive.

Professor A. A. Davydov is among the organizers of the international Congress on differential equations, which for several years has been held in Suzdal under the auspices of, in particular, Vladimir state University. In that Congress is actively involved, and many other teachers of the Department.

It should be noted that 2003 was a special milestone in the history of the Department. She received a state license and made the first set of students on the first course for training in the specialty 010100 "Mathematics" is designed primarily to prepare teachers of mathematics in universities, and specialists in mathematical methods and information technologies for organizations in various fields. A lot of effort to ensure that this specialty was open, put the head of the Department N.I. Dubrovin.