Alexey A. Davydov

Full professor, the head of the Functional Analysis and Its Applications Department,

doctor of physical and mathematical sciences


Honours and awards

  • Prize of the Moscow Mathematical Society, 1986;
  • Award of the International Academic journalistic company, 2002.


Brief biography


Mathematical education he got at the boarding school № 18 of Lomonosov Moscow State University (1974) and at the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of MSU (1979), then he was a postgraduate student of Vladimir I. Arnold. Candidate and doctoral thesises on specialty 01.01.02 — Differential Equations defended in 1983 at the Moscow State University and in 1993 at the Steklov Mathematical Institute, respectivly.
For the development of the theory of  normal implicit differential equations and their applications he was awarded with the Prize of the Moscow Mathematical Society to young scientists for outstanding scientific achievements in 1986.
In 1996 he was the winner in the competition grants the President of Russia on research for young doctors.
In 2002 Alexey A. Davydov won the Prize of the International academic publishing company for the best work in mathematics. Alexey A. Davydov is a member of the editorial board of «Journal of Dynamical and Control Systems», a member of dissertation councils D212.025.01, D212.025.05, K212.024.01, chairman of the Organizing Committee of the biennial Conference on Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems in Suzdal, a member of the Board of the Moscow Mathematical Society. Now he is a manager and a participant of various international and Russian scientific projects.


Research interests


He is a specialist in the field of differential equations, dynamical and control systems, singularity theory of extremal problems, the author of more than 50 scientific papers, including one monograph. Main scientific achievements include:


  • theory of structural stability of local and nonlocal controllability typical systems on closed orientable surfaces;
  • Holderness boundary reachability of a typical control system in a finite phase space;
  • theory of normal forms of implicit first order differential equations on the line, including a complete local classification of generic linear second order differential equations with partial derivatives in the plane (together with E. Rosales Gonzalez);
  • classification of singularities of parametric conditional minimum when the dimension of the parameter up to four (with V. Zakalyukin);
  • classification of optimal strategies and characteristics of time-averaged gain of typical controlled processes on the circle (cyclic processes).

Alexey A. Davydov started to work in the Vladimir State University in 1982. Now he is a head of Functional Analysis and Its Applications Department. Under his leadership teaching staff is constantly improving the its qualification, participate in the Russian and international mathematical conferences, actively engaged in research work. A characteristic feature of the personnel policy of professor A. Davydov is a desire to bring research and teaching activities to students and young scientists, a desire to imbue them with tenacity, flexibility of research and life views.

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